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Do you wanr to have a beautiful tan whole year round?
Are you scared of side effects of using sun beds?
Have you not mastered self-tanning lotion imposing and they leave uneven stains?
Are you to busy to spend time on sun tanning?
If you say yes to at least one of the questions we have a brilliant solution for you.
Our product is an innovation in the tanning market and it came straight from U.S.A.
MELANOTAN II- product which allow you to have a beautiful, healthy, natural lookin tan the
whole year round. Product is designed for anyone, regardless the gender, and will guarantee you a
safe, steady, rapid and long-lasting tan when you want. Melanotan II contains a natural pigment
which makes possible to achieve ideal skin colour, what you dream of. Easy application enables the
preparation by everyone. Discoloration, photoaging of the skin, erythema, sunburn, malignant
melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, weakened immune system, cataracts, ocular melanoma that's only
some of the health consequences resulting from the use of SUNBED. Do not destroy your
health! Swap inefficient methods such as airbrush tanning, sunless tanning, or sun
beds for Melanotan!
Orders are being shipped twice a week.
Do not hesitate to contact us to dismiss all of your doubts and concerns.