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We are a company with experience in many countries such as U.S.A, Poland amongst the others.
We were founded in 2010 and due to dynamic development we entered eastern european markets in
2013. After many discussions we decided to try and introduce our experience and high quality
products to the UK tanning market. Melanotan II is an innovative product which allowes a beautiful
tan whole year round in an easy and safe way. We carried out a detailed analysis of the companies
that engaged in the production of this product worldwide and on the basis of many consultations
and expertise we have decided to import the product from the USA. This allows us to provide you
with the highest quality cosmetics for a relatively small price. You are probably wondering where
was born the idea for this type of product. Melanotan II was first discovered at the University of
Arizona where scientists who carried out the research on a cure for cancer has started a detailed
analysis of the melanin which is the main component in our product. It turned out that applying of a
natural pigment into the skin, not only effectively reduces the morbidity of skin cancer, but at the
same time produces tan which protects your skin against UV radiation
Healthy, safe and beautiful self-tanning?
It is possible today thanks to MelanotanII.
Forget about other, less effective ways, such a sun beds, self-tan lotion, airbrush, try our product
and see yourself how easy it is to have a beautiful, natural looking tan whole year round.
Melanotan II is a cosmetic that shoul only be used for its intended purpose
Both company and the author shouldn't be liable for misuse of the product.
This site informational character shouldn't be understant as an offer.