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Preparation of the solution
Open the MelanotanII vial cap
Wipe the top of the vial with a disinfectant wipe and discard THE WIPE (do not use the same wipe
wipe the surface of the water for injection tub with a disinfectant wipe and discard the wipe,
remove the syringe from the package and making sure the tube with water is positioned vertically
insert the needle of the syringe on the side of the vial containing water then pull the plunger of the
syringe to collect 1 ml or 100 units water and slowly pull the syringe out (if you are using a syringe
with a capacity of 0.5ml you will have to repeat the procedure two times so you will get 1ml of
water), insert the syringe into the vial of Melanotan II and press the plunger to completely empty
the syringe with water, slowly pull the syringe out from the vial. Shake the solution! Place the
prepared solution of MelanotanII in a fridge. Carefully place the cover on the syringe and discard it
your Melanotan II solution is ready!

Application Melanotanu II
Take a new syringe and pull the plunger to the maximum mark
holding a vial of the product Melanotan II, insert the syringe upright and push the plunger
completely (this will equalize the air pressure in the vial which will make it easier to acquier)
leaving the syringe in the vial flip everything upside down
pull the plunger until you get a 10 units of Melanotan II and slowly pull the syringe out the vial
find the fleshy spot on the body (about 4cm to the side of the belly button is the most commonly
used position) and then wipe the surface with one of wipes
Catch 2cm on each side of prepared surface in between your fingers
Holding the syringe like a pen at an angle of 90 degrees to the surface quickly stab the needle into
the skin
push the plunger to the end, so the whole contents will be injected into your body and slowly pull
the needle out
press a disinfectant wipe against the place of injection and hold for a minute
Congratulations you have applied your first dose of Melanotan II!
You will be able to enjoy long-lasting tan without constant visits to the sun beds or tedious
applications of self-tanners very soon.