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MelanotanII is a revolutionary self-tan product which allows you to achieve a beautiful tan without
sunbeds' side effects.
Products we offered are not only injections but you can try a nasal spray (if you are scared of
In our kit we provide insuline type syringes (so the injections don't hurt) and powdered specimen of
MelanotanII. Each product should be mixed thoroughly with 2mg of special water designed for
injections (you can buy it in a pharmacy)- then its ready for use. We provide detailed instruction
how to mix your solution. If you follow the instruction, you will achieve the best quality solution
which will accelerate the production of pigment. The best effect shall be achieved after approx 10
injections (less or more, all depends on the skin type), after that Melanotan should be applied once a
week to maintained the efect of your dreamed tan. That way you will continously enjoy beautiful
tan, healthier and more natural looking then after self-tanners or sunbeds. Our products allow to
achieve progressive, natural looking tan without necessity of sun tanning or using any other tanning
options. Melanotan has another adcantages- use of solutions reduces the risk of sunburn- it is also
known for its' beneficial effect on potency- user are getting beautiful tan and higher sex drive.
Contain of the natural skin hormone (melanina) provides a natural looking tan without necessity of
using any other tanning products and building your defence against sunburn.
Do not hesitate stop using self-tanner and sun beds today and enjoy your tan with MelanotanII.
Photos below are an example how our customers look after a week of treatment