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§ 1 General terms

1.The website, operated at
2.Website is only the information party.
3.Contact with the site is also possible via the contact form located on the website:
4. Terms and conditions set rules of the use by customers of the Website.
5.The customer is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law and morality whith respect of
personal rights and intellectual property of third parties.
6.Customers are obliged not to post any illegal informations.
7.These T&C means that we are an information party.
8.Copyright of the website and its contents, including images belong to No part of this
publication or website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by the media, electronic, mechanical,
photocopying, etc., without the prior consent of the copyright owner.

§ 2 Offer

1. Website is not a commercial offer and provides an invitation for submission of
2.Prices on the are exclusivly suggested.
3.Seller reserves the right to make changes in the offer, in particular the withdrawal the from sale of
products or changes in the prices of individual products.
4.Customers may be only a company/corporation or a person with full or limited legal capacity.
5.The customer placing an order on the website confirm familiarization with the T&C, and hence
accepting the rules contained therein.
6.The moment of conclusion of the sale - purchase agreement is the moment of confirmation by the parties
to accept the offer.
7. MelanotanII, under any circumstances, is not a drug and as such as can not be used.
8. MelanotanII is the cosmetic product.

§ 3 Verification and delivery of orders

1.We reserve the right to verify the contract and cancel it in cases justifying doubt as to its accuracy, eg.
Without giving a phone number or email address at which it will be possible to confirm the order.
2.The delivery time is the most likely the time of goods preparation for shipping to the customer. The
delivery time is between 7 to 15 working days. If the execution time would prove to be longer, we will
contact you by e-mail to inform you about the delay and confirm the further willingness to proceed with
the order . Please note that our suppliers do not work 7 days a week.
3.Information about the goods available on the website does not support the claims against entrepreneurs.

§ 4 Protection of personal data

1.Our company guarantees protection of personal data. Both in the process of processing and storing,
protecting them from unauthorized access to it. Company does not share any personal information to other
people, institutions or firms. Personal data are only needed to fulfill the contract.
2.Personal data are only used to fulfill orders and are subject to the consent of the customer - in order to
inform you about new products, services and promotions offered by and will not be
disclosed to third parties.
3.Customer has the right to inspect their personal data, their change or request their removal and cessation
of processing.

§ 5 Final Provisions

1.In matters do not regulated herein common law should be governed.,
2.Our Party will make all efforts to ensure that any contentious situations were resolved amicably and of
the benefit of the customer.
3.In the event of failure to reach the agreement in dispute, situations will be dealt with through the small
claims court.
4.T&C are effective from the date of publication on the website: